About Us

E-Commerce Assist was started with a simple goal in mind, help existing and new business navigate the difficulties of entering the e-commerce world. Our founders Shaw and Peter owned and operated a very popular e-commerce website in a niche market that has expanded 10 fold over the past 5 years. Through their expertise and firsthand experience running their own business, they launched E-Commerce Assist to share their invaluable knowledge and experiences with other business owners and e-commerce entrepreneurs. E-Commerce Solutions prides itself on one simple rule: Nothing beats firsthand experience.

We are currently headquartered in New York, only 30 minutes away from downtown Manhattan and just 5 minutes away from JFK airport in New York City.

Founded in 2015, we currently employ a staff of over a dozen highly skilled designers, developers, programmers and marketers. Our staff is not only well trained, but is also certified by almost all of the biggest E-Commerce platforms, including Magento, Shopify and Google.

You can be rest assured that our staff is not only highly skilled and trophied in their respective fields, but all of them, including our founders, have a great understanding of the business environment.